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This section covers travel publications such as travel magazines, travel guides and travel blogs that would be of interest to tourists, adventurers and business travelers.  Most travel magazines with print editions also have a web version. The web version will have selected articles from the present or past issues for free but you must subscribe to get the full magazine issue. Some magazine websites charge for access to a full electronic version or to download individual articles.  There are also travel magazines that only have an online version which may be free or based on an online subscription.  We also include some print and online travel newsletters in this section.

Travel guides also come in two flavors - print and the web versions.  Most travel guide series, such as Lonely Planet, have both a print edition and a web edition. However, the web content is usually just a brief summary of basic information about a place and perhaps a map and a few pictures. It will obviously not have the detail of the print version. Some online travel guides are experimenting with downloadable pdf versions and some are also starting to offer online supplements to their print editions you have bought to keep you up to date.  There are an increasing number of travel guides that only have an online edition. Most of these are still free and many have excellent, detailed, up-to-date information on destinations.  We think we have one of the best lists of both online and print travel guides and provide direct links to both their websites and to Amazon.com if you want to buy a guide through them or search for a variety of travel guides for a destination.

Travel blogs are the 21st century travel writer's direct access to the world.  We have an excellent page with links to many travel blogs.

Of course, you may be interested in travel news in general or if you are getting ready for a trip, especially if you are going abroad.
Here are the travel news topics we have on our website:  Newspaper Travel Sections, Travel News, Travel Newsgroups, and Travel Newsletters.
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Conde Nast Traveler

Travel and Leisure

National Geographic Traveler

  Cruise Travel
We drop you off at their Travel Magazine Subscription section.  Use their search box to find a magazine title you are interested in or start your search using their Destination, General, or United States categories.  If you don't want to subscribe through Amazon.com*, we have links to popular travel magazines and other magazine resources below.           *We are an affiliate of Amazon.com.  


General Travel Magazines and Newsletters

  Google Results:  Travel Magazines

Yahoo! Travel Magazines Directory

Wikipedia List of Travel Magazines

Google Results:  Travel Newsletters

DMOZ Travel Magazines Directory

Travel Magazines  Interesting list

Conde Nast Traveler  Online and print editions.  A great site to complement their excellent travel magazine. They have good articles and evaluations. Subscribe to their magazine or see what they have to offer on-line.
Travel and Leisure  Online and print editions.  This is the on-line site for American Express's well known Travel and Leisure Magazine. 
Gadling Online edition.  This is a very interesting travel magazine that uses all the latest technologies to give you up-to-the-minute travel information written in a straight-forward, interesting way. They cover the world and share their opinions and thoughts on any travel-related topic under the sun, moon, or lesser stars.  Selecting a country will give you travel stories related to that country. It is just a wonderful online magazine.
International Living Online and print editions.  This is the site for the on-line edition of the International Living newsletter.  A monthly newsletter that runs about 30 pages and is packed full of international travel and living information. They do detailed evaluations of the best countries to retire in, invest in, or where to get overseas jobs.  They also have insightful, first-person articles about traveling and working in various countries.
MondoTimes - Travel Magazines.  This is a worldwide media guide website. They have a good list of U.S. and Canadian travel magazines and customer ratings. You can also subscribe to some of the magazines through them.
National Geographic Traveler  Online and print editions. Just like their wonderful National Geographic magazine the National Geographic Traveler magazine is beautiful as is their on-line version of the magazine. Need we say more!
The Travel Insider  Online edition. This is a good travel magazine with lots of practical information.
Travel Classics Magazine   Online.  "The best writing about the best places on earth."
World Travel Guide.com  Online.  A world travel magazine with "...opinionated travel articles and resources to offer inspiration, information and sound advice for the world traveler."
Brave New Traveler Online. "An online travel magazine for the 21st century."  Delightful and refreshing articles and opinions.
International Travel News. Online and print editions. This is one of the best magazines covering international travel. They have articles, travel tips, tourist news, and "recommendations and honest reviews from people like you."
Bestfares OnLineOnline and print editions. Tom Parsons online version of his Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine has been around for 16 years in magazine form and has been on the web for quite a while. What began as one man's determination to comprehend how the airline's pricing system worked has turned into a powerful advocate for travel consumers. This is the best place to go on the web for discount travel information. 
Budget Travel Magazines
 Google Results:  Budget Travel Magazines
Inside Out Travel  Online.   This is a bimonthly online magazine for independent travelers, from first-time backpackers to those who have made traveling a lifestyle—anyone who enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures.
Budget Travel. Online and print editions. A well-known and excellent magazine covering low-cost travel.
Business Travel Magazines
 Google Results:  Business Travel Magazines
Business Travel News Online. Online and print editions. O.K. it doesn't say magazine on their front page, but web search results turns it up and it is an excellent source of business travel news.  
Executive Travel MagazineOnline.  A beautiful magazine focused on executive travelers.
Women Travel Magazines
 Google Results:  Women Travel Magazines
Women's Travel. Online and print editions.  "A new travel magazine for women who think about the world"
TangoDiva. Online  Any travel magazine with a quote from Buddha "World Peace through individual happiness" at the top of their home page is worth taking a look at.

TravelLady Magazine Online This is an online travel magazine with excellent, practical travel articles by professional travel writers without quite the elegance of some other travel magazines.  They desire to be seen also.
TravelGirl Magazine. Online and print editions.  "Lifestyle trends and fabulous journeys for today's woman."  It is savvy, sexy and oh-so sophisticated.
Family Travel Magazines
 Google Results:  Family Travel Magazines

Travel & Leisure Family.
Online and print editions. This is the family version of the Travel & Leisure magazine.

Family Adventure Magazine.
Online. They cover family adventure vacations, as well as, list companies that offer family adventure travel throughout the world.
Adventure Travel Magazines
 Google Results:  Adventure Travel Magazines

Ecotravel Online Magazine. Online.  A magazine and directory of eco-adventures.
National Geographic Adventure  Online. Just like their wonderful National Geographic magazine, the National Geographic Adventure magazine is beautiful and full of useful or interesting information. Need we say more!
Outside MagazineOnline and print editions. This is the Outside magazine's website.  An excellent place for all things outside the building you are in.
Adventure Travel Online Magazine  Online and print editions.  A U.K. publication with great adventure articles, adventure videos and more.
World Travel Magazines
The chart below gives you the Google result for travel magazines for regions of the world and some popular countries.  We have also picked one or two magazines that have online editions that we link you to directly.  We are not affiliated with any website in this list.
Travel magazines in foreign languages.  Don't despair!  Thanks to Google, you can get a pretty good automatic translation by using their Language Tools if they have a translation between the two languages you need. Go here - Google Language Tools. Once there, scroll down to the Translate a web page box and see if they have an automatic translation between the two languages you need. If they do, select it and then paste the URL web address of the travel magazine page you are on into the http:// box. The great thing about this is that if you click on a link on the translated page to go to another page on the same website, it gets automatically translated also!  Truly amazing!

World Travel Magazines
Region Magazines
Australia Google - Australian Travel Magazines
Travel Magazines Australia.  The best website we have found that covers Australian travel magazines.
Australian Traveler. A beautiful travel magazine you'll enjoy reading online.
Africa Google - African Travel Magazines
Travel Africa Magazine.  The best magazine website we have found on African travel.
Africa Travel Magazine. A beautiful online travel magazine website in Africa.
Asia Google - Asia Travel Magazines
SmartTravel Asia.  The best website we have found with descriptions and links.
Action Asia. Their focus is on adventure travel in Asia.
Canada Google - Canadian Travel Magazines
Canadian Geographic Travel.  From the Canadian Geographical Society.
Caribbean Google - Caribbean Travel Magazines
Caribbean Travel & Life.  The best Caribbean website we have found.
Caribbean Magazine. Comprehensive coverage of the beautiful Caribbean countries.
Central America Google - Central America Travel Magazines
Explore Costa Rica.  Costa Rica's Internet news and travel information magazine.
Europe Google - European Travel Magazines
Hidden Europe.  It will inspire you to look beyond the usual tourist sights.
EuropeforVisitors. Practical information and articles about traveling in Europe.
Mexico Google - Mexican Travel Magazines
Mexico Connect.  Comprehensive information on traveling or living in Mexico.
Inside Vallarta Magazine. A magazine devoted to tourism in Puerto Vallarta.
Middle East Google - Middle East Travel Magazines
New Zealand Google - New Zealand Travel Magazines
New Zealand Travel Planner.  An excellent travel magazine website for New Zealand.
North America See Canada, United States or Mexico.
South Pacific Google - Oceania Travel Magazines
Travel Magazines Australia.  The best website we have found with descriptions and links.
Australian Traveler. A beautiful travel magazine you'll enjoy reading online.
South America Google - South America Travel Magazines
United States Google - American Travel Magazines
Travel and Leisure.  A premier travel magazine for Americans.
Conde Nast Traveler  Another premier magazine that is more consumer oriented.


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