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Travel Security

Here is some information on how you can protect yourself from criminals who prey on travelers. There are also links to both private and government travel advisory and warning web sites. Also see our
Travel Fraud and Scams and Airline Safety pages.

Travel Science has started a program to include a link to the U.S. State Departments Consular Information Sheets for our country and city pages.  These sheets provide the latest information on the Travel Security and Safety situation in a country. For U.S. cities, we link to a website that discusses travel security and safety for that city when available.  We also include a link to the Dangerpedia country page for each country and city.  We want you to come back alive and unharmed.

For information on sky rage, see the Skyrage Foundation website.
For information on road rage, see the
Road Rage website.
For information on the Clear program to fly through airport security, see the
Flyclear website.

Check out Travelocity's
Travel Information Center page for the latest travel alerts and news.

And here are excellent results from a Google search for travel safety and security tips.

Travel and Terrorism

Here are some articles about travel and terrorism.

 Some Government Transportation Security Agencies


 Air Travel

 Sea, Road and Rail Travel

 Aviation Security

 Transport Security

Canada  Canadian Air Transport Security Administration CATSA  Transport Canada
European Union  EU Airport Security Rules  Europa Transport
Japan  Civil Aviation Bureau  
New Zealand  Aviation Security Service AVSEC  
USA  TSA Air Travel TSA  Transportation Security Administration
United Kingdom  Department of Transport - Airport Security  Department of Transportation
Other Countries  ThirtyThousandFeet.com  plus the countries listed above  ThirtyThousandFeet.com

Personal Safety Products

TrackIT  A small portable device you place in with your laptop, bag, purse, etc. It sounds an alarm if the item is more than a certain distance from the key-chain transmitter (Such as would happen if a thief starts to take off with your laptop or you forgot and left it on a seat.)

Pepper Spray   There are many brands and types of of pepper spray devices on the market.


 Some Websites with Travel Security and Safety Tips
Travel Safety and Security Tips.  This is Detective Kevin Coffey's comprehensive list of safety and security tips related to travel presented in an easy to find master list of topics format.  This is the best list we have found on the web.  Thank you Kevin!  You have performed a great service for the traveling public.
International Travel Security Tips.  Excellent "heavy-duty professional advice" from travel planning to attitude, how to act and dress so you don't stick out like an inexperienced traveler. It also covers worst-case situations." 
American Express Security Checkpoint Overview   An excellent overview of baggage security checkpoint procedures.
Some Common Travel Crime Situations.  A good news story from the Seattle Post-Intelligenser that describes common travel crime situations and how to avoid them.
How Pickpockets Work.  Another good news story that describes how pickpockets work.
How To Foil Thieves.  Another good news story that describes how thieves work and how you can prevent them from stealing your stuff.
National Crime Prevention Center (NCPC)  They no longer had their summary of family travel safety and security tips the last time we checked but you might want to see if they have any recent articles about travel safety.  They do have good information about keeping your home secure and other security tips related to travel but they are scattered around as separate topics.
MetLife Travel Safety - An excellent list of categories, links and pages with information covering all aspects of travel safety and security. 

Country Travel Warnings and Safety    Government Sources follow these listings.

Lonely Planet - World Guide.   After you select a country, click the Tips from Travellers link in the left panel to read recent stories from travelers to that place including stories related to scams, travel security and personal safety.
World Travel Watch.   This is an excellent web site covering travel security and safety worldwide. It is updated weekly.  Larry Habegger and James O'Reilly, the authors, have been reporting on travel security and safety issues for major newspapers around the globe since 1985.
ComeBackAlive - Dangerpedia.   Their Dangerpedia section has information on the present security situation for countries of the world with details on areas of a country that are very dangerous and the type of danger that a tourist or traveler could face.  They use Wiki software so travelers who are members of the ComeBackAlive community can immediately post the latest changes in personal security conditions for a country. 

Government Sources

Each government listed has travel warning and security information that may be of interest to you regardless of where you live in the world.  They even include personal safety tips like where and under what circumstances you are most likely to get robbed in a country.
American Government.   This will take you to the Travel and Living Abroad section of the U.S. Department of State.  Here are some direct links from that page.
  • International Travel Information This will take you directly to their Travel Warning and Consular Information Sheet homepage. You then pick a country from an A-Z letter search option.
  • A Safe Trip Abroad  This is the "A Safe Trip Abroad" page from the U.S. State Department. 
Australian Government - Travel Advisories. This will take you to the Travel Advisory section of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website. Excellent coverage and easy to find information.
British Government This will take you to the Travel Advice section of the British Department of Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).  Excellent coverage and easy to find information.
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