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Travel Stores are stores that specialize in travel-related items such as travel books, foreign language books, tapes and software, maps, luggage, clothing and travel gear. Some are catalog-only operations and some have actual stores you can visit in certain cities.  Of course, there are also mega-web stores that have travel-related items such as Amazon.com. Here are some of the most popular ones we have found.  Also visit our Travel Catalog topic.
Eagle Creek.  They have luggage and travel accessories.
Eddie Bauer.  A famous outdoor clothing and travel gear store.
Land's End. Another famous name in outdoor apparel. This is their online catalog.  
L.L.Bean. This well-known company has a wonderful web site and online catalog. Click here to go directly to their Travel Gear and Apparel Section.
Le Travel Store.  This is a real travel store located in San Diego, California, USA that also has a wonderful web site. Since 1976, Le Travel Store has supplied world travelers with travel packs, luggage, money belts, voltage converters, guide books, maps and much more.  Now you can easily order a selection of their products by phone or on-line. You will find Eagle Creek products along with Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and Rick Steves books.  If you come to beautiful Downtown San Diego, drop by their store in the Gaslamp Quarters.
Magellan's. This is one of the largest travel stores on the web for travel supplies. 
Nomad Travel Store United Kingdom  This is a United Kingdom travel store website for our friends who live in Europe.
Rand McNally - Travel Store. They have an excellent online travel store with a wide selection of items. 
Shopping A-Z.com - Travel. This site has a list of many online merchants. Their Travel section lists many of the popular on-line travel stores.
SkyMall. This is the well-known in-flight catalog. 
Walkabout Travel Gear.  Essential travel gear and information for the independent traveler. They have a nice, clean user interface.
WorldTraveler.com.  A comprehensive, nice web store for luggage and travel goods.
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