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   Travel Advice and Tips
There is a wealth of travel advice and tips for travelers from both online travel websites such as travel agencies, travel guides and other travel-related companies and individual travelers who share their opinions and experiences through travel forums and blogs. There are also some websites devoted to travel tips. Often the best approach is simply to use a web search to find travel advice or tips on a particular topic of interest to you based on the type of traveler you are, the kind of trip you are taking and advice and tips related to your destination.

Ask your question in the right way and you are likely to get some good answers in the first few hits. We will show you some search strategies to look for different kinds of advice and tips. We also list some popular websites that have a lot of travel advice and tips, as well as, some other websites with good travel advice on a particular topic.
Search The Web
Sometimes the fastest way to find specific travel advice or travel tips is just to do a web search. We suggest the following:

Using either travel tips or travel advice will generally give you about the same results, at least in the first dozen or so hits. We suggest you put the subject first and then follow it with travel tips.  Of course, in some cases you will want to ask a question. If you are not getting some good answers in the first ten hits, rephrase your question - sometimes being less specific helps as long as the key words are still included.  Here are some sample queries:
Subject + Travel Tips Packing Travel Tips
Does <city> have <ATMs>? 
(When you are in a small town or in a developing country.)
Does Ajaccio Corsica have ATMs?
Is it <question details> ?   Is it safe to go out after dark in Budapest?
<specific travel company> + <type of information> Celebrity cruises passenger reviews
 General Travel Tips
Includes travel within the United States and worldwide
1000 Tips 4 Travel  Over 1000 travel tips submitted by travelers from around the world. They are categorized and you can also search their database for helpful information to find what you're looking for - or add your own tips.
ASTA TravelSense - Travel Tips  This is the travel tips section of the American Society of Travel Agents website that they have for consumers called TravelSense.
Fodor's Travel News and Tips.   This is their latest travel news and tips.  If you are looking for a specific tip on a travel topic or destination, use their Search box on the page.
Internettraveltips.com. An excellent source of information for frequent flyers.  The Comparison Section evaluates and compares the different online airfare sites.  They have a free, email Travel Tips newsletter covering the latest travel information for business and leisure travelers.
Journeywoman - Best Travel Tips.  This is their section where they list some of the best travel tips they have received since 2000.  There is also a a link to their free Travel Tips newsletter on this page.   If you want a tip on a particular destination, use their search engine.
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Forum and Blog.  An excellent resource to find travel advice and tips from travelers.
Rick Steves - Europe - Graffiti Wall.  The place where travelers to Europe post travel tips and advice.  These have been nicely categorized for easy access.
Wikitravel - Tips for Search.  They don't have a Travel Tips article but they do have some good travel tips on various subjects.  This is the search result on their website using Tips for. . . which is the way they express it. You will see some good article titles such as Tips for Women Travelers and Tips for Airline Travel. etc.
Yahoo! Travel Tips Directory.  A very comprehensive list of travel tip resources.
 International Travel Tips
Where the focus is on international travel.
Tips for Traveling Abroad  This is the U.S. State Department's travel tips for U.S. citizens going aboard.  Remember the "Know Before You Go" pamphlet?  The online version is here also.  They have done an excellent job of covering things that Americans need to know from travel planning to travel security. Also see their Consular Affairs Brochures page.
International Travel Tips. This is a page on a website called Amused by Rick where he does a nice job of discussing the various things you should think about when planning an international trip.
Familydoctor.org -International Travel - Tips for Staying Health.  Topics include - Before you go, vaccines you might need to get, while you're traveling and Things to include in a first-aid kit for traveling.
BootsnAll - International Travel Tips for Globetrotters. A good article full of travel tips for the independent traveler going aboard.
PassportInfo.com - Travel Tips for the American International Traveler Going By Air.    An interesting list of topics including some practical tips (e.g., restrooms) that you won't find on most other international travel lists.
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