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Phileas Fogg and Passepartout approach the Swiss Alps

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World Heritage Sites

The United Nations has established a program to designate certain sites in the world as World Heritage Sites similar to a nation designating a site as a national park or historical or cultural site. If you visit another country and enjoy special places, you might want to look for some World Heritage Sites. Typically, these sites have already be given a national designation by the country they are in. You have probably visited some of these sites and may not have realized that they are also a World Heritage Site.  Here is a list of all World Heritage Sites in alphabetical order by country with links to the sites.

Here are 360 degree virtual reality panoramas of some of the World Heritage Sites at Panormas.dk.

If you search using a search engine, you'll have good luck if you type in your request using one of these formats:
World Heritage Sites-<country> World Heritage Sites-France
World Heritage Sites in <country>   World Heritage Sites in Morocco
UNESCO World Heritage Sites.    This is the official website of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Click on the Site Finder Map to find a site. It is very easy to navigate. They have photos and a description of each site. This website is very attractive and well presented.
World Heritage Sites.org.  The excellent, professionally-done site of Larry Garry Salmon. You can add your own comments to the World Heritage Sites he has visited.
World Heritage Sites in the United States.  Click on their map to go to a site. Many of our national parks are also designated as World Heritage Sites.
World Conservation Union. This organization is active in the World Heritage Site program, as well as, in other conservation areas.
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