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Are you a city slicker hankering to be a cowboy or cowgirl?  Are you ready for some western action?
Even though the settling of the western part of the United States is well-known world-wide and the activities related to it are referred to as "western" things, other parts of the world have experienced the same kind of activities where settlers set out to find a new home in remote parts of their country. We like to think of that as the western spirit.

We cover western activities worldwide although most of the places are in the western United States and Canada.  They are also known as ranch vacations. They include dude/guest ranches, cattle drives, horseback riding, pack trips, fly-fishing, hunting, round-ups and other ranch activities. Or how about a Bed and Breakfast ranch stay? So saddle up and let's head on out!  In South America, cowboys are known as gauchos.

There are many types of ranches from working ranches to luxury ranch resorts.

Everycowgirlsdream.  Trail rides, mule training, cowgirl events, saloon, gun fights, and oh those pretty cowgirls!  A wonderful site.

Canadian Cowboy Trail. A good article about the wild west days of Alberta province and the Canadian Cowboy Trail.

Dude Ranches  also know as Guest Ranches

Wikipedia - Dude Ranch.  To search the web for a Dude or Guest Ranch use the name of the U.S. state, country, or province plus Dude and Guest Ranches. (e.g. British Columbia Dude and Guest Ranches).
DMOZ Open Directory - North America - Lodging - Ranches.  Excellent list of websites
Ranchweb.com. One of the best, most comprehensive sources of ranch-related activities worldwide on the web.
GORP Dude Ranch Vacations. Another premier ranch vacation website.  Covers the United States and Canada. Excellent articles on preparing for a dude ranch vacation.
DudeRanches.com  Covers dude and guest ranches in North America.
Guest Ranches of North America  Covers dude and guest ranches in North America (Canada, U.S., and Mexico).
USA Ranches  List of dude ranches, by state, in the United States.
Virtual Cities' 1st Travelers Choice Dude Ranch Directory  Beautiful website that covers some dude and guest ranches in Canada and the United States.
RanchAmerica  A British site for those living in the United Kingdom and Europe who want to come over and visit a ranch, go on a cattle drive or horseback trip.

Round-Ups and Cattle Drives   Head'em up, move'em out. Also includes round-ups.

Wikipedia - Cattle Drive To search the web for Cattle Drives use the name of the U.S. state, country, or province plus Cattle Drives. (e.g. British Columbia Cattle Drives).
The Great Australian Outback Cattle Drive They offer 5-day "droving drives" along various routes in the Australian outback.
Australian Cattle Drives. Search result at Google with a good list of Australian cattle drive websites.
GORP Cattle Drives. Search result at GORP Travel listing cattle drive companies.
Working Ranches.com - Cattle Drives in North America. An excellent list of round-ups and cattle drives in North America (Canada and the U.S.)
RidingTours.net  Covers round-ups and cattle drives in North America and round-ups in Ecuador.

Horseback Riding and Trips  Of course, horseback riding is available at all ranches. Includes pack trips.

To search the web for Horseback riding and trips use the name of the U.S. state, country, or province plus Horseback riding stables and horseback riding trips. (e.g. British Columbia Horseback riding stables).
DMOZ Open Director Equestrian - Riding Stables.  This is a worldwide listing of riding stables.
Hidden Trails - Equestrian vacations The premier horseback riding vacation website.  Covers riding horses worldwide.
RanchwebEnter horseback riding in the search box and select a location.  It will give you a list of all the ranches that have horseback riding activities.
Guest Ranches of North America. Select a state and then under Activities, select Horseback Riding. You can also indicate the time of year you want to visit and the price range.  This will give you a detailed description of all the ranches that have horseback riding that meet your other criteria.

Covered Wagon and Stagecoach Rides 

If you are a Western fan, wouldn't you like to ride in a stagecoach or covered wagon to feel what it was like back in the wild west days, or even in merry ole England?  When searching the web, enter the name of the country, state/province or city you will be visiting + covered wagon or stagecoach rides. Try both stagecoach or stage coach if you don't get good results the first time.  Adding tourist may also help sometimes.
Stagecoach rides - United States  Australia  South Africa  Europe  United Kingdom
Covered wagon rides - United States  Australia  South Africa        U.S. Tetons Covered Wagon Trip

Ranch Bed and Breakfast

To search the web for a Ranch Bed and Breakfast use the name of the U.S. state, country, or province plus Ranch Bed and Breakfast. (e.g. British Columbia Ranch Bed & Breakfast).
Ranch Bed and Breakfast Directory. Google search. Many Bed and Breakfast Directory websites let you select by a category such as ranch B&B's.  See our Bed and Breakfast topic for a compete list of B&B Directories.


Wikipedia - Rodeo. To search the web for a Rodeo use the name of the U.S. state, country, or province plus Rodeos or Rodeo Days. (e.g. Wyoming Rodeos) or the specific name of a rodeo.
The Western Web - Worldwide Rodeo Associations.  The best website we have seen on rodeos worldwide. Also check out their Noteworthy Rodeos in the United States, Brazil and Australia.
Wikipedia - List of Rodeos Worldwide.  A nice list and links, by country, to rodeos in the world.
Famous Historic Trails of the World
These are trails that were used by settlers, explorers, and to herd cattle from ranches to market. Also slave trails used by slave traders.  Parts of them are still visible as wagon wheel ruts, for example.
Overland TrailsUnited States. Excellent links to all of the famous heritage trails of the American West and between the United States and Mexico.

Canadian Historic TrailsCanada. Some links to historic Canadian trails.

Australian Historic Trails Australia.  Some links to historic Australian trails. Also a trail history search.

South African Historic Trails South Africa.
 Some links to historic South African trails.  Also a trail history search.

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