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Women Travelers
Women travelers, both business and leisure are enjoying getting out and about in the world.  Listed below are some of the most popular Women Travel sites on the web.  Some of the on-line travel agencies have a section for Women Travelers.  Most of them also have a message board that let travelers leave messages.

A growing women travel segment is girl getaways which are travel experiences designed just for women such as weekend getaways of a few days or an all-girl adventure tour. There are also tours and experiences for women and their daughter. This type of women travel also goes by names, for example, like girlfriend getaways, gal getaways, all-girl getaways,
bachelorette parties, and all women travel.  See our box further down the page for some ideas about finding a girl getaway.

For women who plan to backpack in Europe, please see our information box at the bottom of this page.  We also have an information box below for business women travelers.

Women Travel at

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HERMail: email for Women Travelers This is a FREE e-mail based service that allows any woman anywhere in the world to connect through the HERmail.net site with others who love to travel. It's great for finding information about a place or city you want to visit from a woman who lives there.
DMOZ Open Directory - Women - Travel  Excellent list of websites for women travelers.

.  This is a very comprehensive travel resource site for women.  It has lots of tips for women travelers.  You can also become a member of their Journeywoman Network.  Their search engine is excellent.
About-com - Women Travel.   Good information for women travelers.
Christine Columbus Catalog.   "Christopher Columbus may have discovered the New World, but it was Christine who packed his bags" writes Annette Zientek. The catalog contains products especially for women travelers from clothes to accessories and other travel items.  She started the business based on her own time and frustration trying to find items for her own overseas trips.
GutsyTraveler.com.    Marybeth Bond is a travel spokesperson for Fortune 500 Companies, a woman speaker, and considered by many as a travel ambassador for women travel; family travel, holiday travel, girlfriend getaways, exotic and adventure travel.  She has wonderful travel tips and travel advice to help you have a hassle-free trip. She also has a list of recommended travel companies -- share her passion - "not only for travel - but for life itself".
Menopausal Tours.  They offer tour packages that include lodging in comfortable, historical, and/or unique places, ground transportation and activity packages to groups of dynamic women in the prime of their life.  They have escorted tours to exciting destinations worldwide .  They also offer travel planning services for non-escorted tours by private and corporate groups. 
Call of the WildCall of the Wild pioneered women's adventure travel over 20 years ago and today are the longest-running women's adventure travel company in the world.  They specializes in adventure travel for women from soft adventures to rugged adventures "off-the-beaten-path" (like climbing Mt. Whitney!)
Women's Travel Club.   Designed by women for women. A good source of information for women travelers.  they are also a travel agency that specializes in women travelers and tours.
Women Travel Tips.  One of the best and most comprehensive women traveler websites with travel tips for many categories if women travelers including business travelers and family travel.
Wild Women Expeditions.   Adventure travel for women.
Women Traveling Together.  They specialize in independent women travel.

Girl Getaways

Amazon books

Girl Getaways

50 Best Girlfriends Getaways in North America

Girl Getaways

Women Travel
 Search the web.  Sometimes the quickest and easiest way to find a girlfriend getaway experience is just to search the web. Here are some tips:
  ● Key words to include:  girl getaway will give you way more hits than other term for this travel niche.  Use more qualifier words to narrow down your search- such as where you want to go (country, city, region, specific place), activity (surfing, painting, spa, horseback riding, adventure, hiking), type (tour, independent travel) when? (month/year or specific date ranges --- don't expect most websites to recognize anything other than the year perhaps!), length (weekend, week, 3 days) and age/relationship (mature, single, mother and daughter, etc.)  Example:  Galapagos Islands tour girl getaway.
  ● Google search:  here are some initial search terms to let you get an idea of what is out there.  Once you see the search results, just do another search by clicking in the search box and adding more key words.

girl getaways

girlfriend getaways

gal getaways

all-girl getaways

women tours

women adventure travel

Million Dollar Mama. One of the biggest and most popular websites for girl getaways.  Their Bring Your own Girlfriend (B.Y.O.G.) Girlfriend Getaway Guide is very comprehensive.
Girls Getaway.  Just a nice little website for girl getaways.
Girls GetawayFor Australian Girls.  A wonderful website for girls living in Australia.
40 Best Girlfriend Getaway Packages.  Excellent list of packages from Budget Travel.
Gathering of Goddesses.  Wonderful, comprehensive website for women travelers with lots of getaway ideas.
Adventures in Good Company.  Adventure travel for women of all ages. 

Business Women Traveler

Travel Tips for Business Women Travelers.  Good tips for business women travelers.

About.com Business Women Travelers.  Some useful information for women travelers.

Travel Safety Tips for Women.  Detective Kevin Coffee offers a straightforward list of safety tips for women travelers covering such topics as -choosing a hotel, street smarts, transportation savvy, and words of wisdom about sexual assaults.

Women Traveling in Europe

Rick Steves - Graffiti Wall - Women Travelers.  This is a place where Women Travelers can leave travel tips about there travels in Europe. There is quite a list.

Backpack Europe on a Budget - Women Travelers.  Some useful information for women backpacking in Europe. Also a good list of women travel websites. 
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