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Work Abroad
We cover both student and professional job opportunities in other countries including volunteer service.  Also see our Volunteers travel topic. 
To search the web, enter working abroad + the city or country where you would like to work.  If there is a particular type of work you would be interested in, include that also.
CIEE-A World of Opportunity.   This is the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) page on their website that provides a lot of good information about working in other countries and things you should consider.
Backdoorjobs.comExplore your short-term and long-term options for working, volunteering, interning or teaching in unique locations all over the world.
DMOZ Open Directory - Working Vacations. A good list of websites covering working outside your own country.
GoAbroad.com   This is a comprehensive on-line source of information on studying abroad, finding a language school, overseas internships, international volunteer positions, teaching abroad, and finding jobs in other countries.  It also  has comprehensive sections on Eco-Travel and other subjects.  It is the winner of the best study and work abroad internet site. It is also easy to navigate.  Go directly to their Work Abroad section.
iagora.com. This is a wonderful site with lots of interesting content. A very beautiful site that is well laid out. "Every day, more and more people from every corner of the world are seeking to study, work, and travel abroad. Here at iAgora, we believe that this phenomenon is creating a category of people whose open-mindedness, desire to learn, and human values make them true world citizens. Not surprisingly, these people enjoy each other's company. iAgora is a website created as a meeting place for such internationally-minded people and that's why we call our members Internationals ."
Monster - Work Aboard.   This is a premier site for finding a job in another country.
Overseas Jobs.   This is one of the top websites with information on finding a job in another country.  They have links to over 700 resources in 40 countries.
Transitions Abroad - Work Section. Transitions Abroad is a bimonthly guide of practical information on affordable alternatives to just being a tourist or staying in the rat race. In other words living, working, studying, or vacationing alongside people in another country. The link will take you to their Work Section.

Work on a Boat, Yacht or Cruise Ship

Work on a Boat.  Excellent, comprehensive website for finding a job on a yacht, other boats, and cruise ships along with information about crew agencies and crew houses.  Allows you to submit your resume.
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